Concrete Garden Covid- 19 update. (March 13, 2020)

We understand how overwhelming it must feel for many people right now, and we feel it is important to make sure everyone feels supported and connected as we work through these exceptional circumstances together.
We hope this information will help you plan and be ready should we, individually or collectively, be asked to take more action to slow down the spread of Covid -19.
Let’s Plan ahead together
Over the days and weeks ahead, we may be asked to:
Practice social distancing – this will mean more working from home for our staff team for instance, or another option may involve urging people to reduce non-essential social activity and travel.
Looking ahead– are you ready?
Let’s think about what preparations you could put in place to help if you need to self-isolate?
Do you have friends or neighbours who could bring food, medicines or other essentials to your house or run errands?
Action: Do not delay- ask them now if they are able to support you. People really want to help, and we are all in this together.
Action: Check your cupboards to see what meals you can plan from what you have in stock.
Do you have access to online shopping?
Action: Spend a little time setting up online shopping accounts- ask for help to do this if you need it. Find out if friends or neighbours have online shopping accounts and make plans to call in orders to them if you need them
If you feel you are vulnerable to severe symptoms of coronavirus, have you considered the activities you have planned over the coming weeks?
Action: Take some time to list the activities that are essential and those which you could cancel if you needed to, especially those that require public transport.
Action: Take your health needs seriously; ask friends, neighbours or people you work with to check in on you by phone regularly.
Concrete Garden staff want to ensure everyone feels connected and supported, please let us know how we can be here for you.
PLEASE THINK OF OTHERS. Do you have friends, family or neighbours who might need extra help?
Action: Follow the steps above to help them be ready, feel supported, and connected.
We understand that people will want to know whether and when further social distancing measures could happen, such as school and community centre/ service closures.
We are following all the guidelines as they emerge, However, as many of our participants and volunteers may be among those most vulnerable to the infection, we may make the decision to cancel all or some of our activities in advance of any official guidance.
Please always check before you travel – check back on the latest communication from us via text, email and social media to ensure the session is running, before you travel.
Always – STAY AT HOME, if you are feeling under the weather. For example, if you are sneezing, have a cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat, feel breathless or have a temperature above 37.9.
In the event of school closures, we will close our offices, gardens and play areas.
They expect the majority of people who catch COVID-19 will make a full recovery without medical attention, but if you are concerned because you believe you are at greater risk, or feel your symptoms are becoming more severe, contact NHS 111 or alternatively 999 in an emergency.
The UK coronavirus (COVID-19) page will keep you up to date with how the Government is responding.
The Health Protection Scotland Website has the latest information and advice for Scotland: HPS Website – Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Public Health England have detailed advice here for anyone who needs to self-isolate: Stay at home: guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection
The NHS coronavirus (COVID-19) page includes a wide range of health-related information.
If you are planning to travel abroad check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice page.
Let’s take care of each other during these uniquely challenging times.
Concrete Garden Team