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We all want to be a little bit kinder to the planet, but where do you start?

Scottish households produce 566,000 tonnes of food waste every year and the miles our food travels is contributing to greenhouse gasses more than ever.

Around 30% of clothes have not been worn for at least a year and many textiles end up in landfill when they could have been reused or recycled.

We’re asking people to pledge to do just two things…


1. Buy Scottish produce when possible


2. Donate/swap one carrier bag or bin bag of clothes


Take The Pledge online!

Keep checking our website and social media for tips on buying and cooking local seasonal food and where to donate and swap clothes and textiles…

Seasonal Recipes                Textile Recycling Locator

Spread the word of The Pledge and let us know how you’re getting on by tagging us in your photos online…


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